~ Confucius

I get exited when I'm discussing something. Especially when is something that I truly believe.

It can happen that while I'm confronting my self to an Idea, I will be sceptical about it. When I start to think at it, even if is my own one, I question it.

Not sure if these question are valid for any kind of topics, but to get an idea: > * What are the trades? Gains vs Pays? Why is worth it? > * Did someone else has experience with it? What does it say? ~ Googlit! >

What are the requirements? What does cost maintaining?

But that doesn't mean I'm against. Instead I'm looking to convince my self to it. Actually if I start questioning would be that somehow I already bought the idea and I'm starting considering.

I start this post with a quote from Confucius because I was inspired by my latest discussion that I've with some other coders.

Now you might now that I'm a JavaScript lover and try to get most of my skill and diets. I went from that fork before and I've my investigations ready. It took me a while since I was a semicolons supporter to get into the diet of avoid them.

Today has been an Year that I did that decision and all my pet projects reflect that choices. I'm proud of it.

Doesn't really matter is a good decision that I made or not. When the time pass by I would re-valuate it. The only thing that I care is the approach in how I get there and what arguments power that choice.

Semicolons in JavaScript are optional and in some cases not needed at all. Questioning if is needed put them or not while coding is just loosing time. Plus modern transpiler add semicolons for you.

That was enough to buy me, the braid is basically pay to the fact that now days I always transpile my code. Is quiet a lot of config but indeed is not just a bunch of less-semicolons what I'm gaining.

Coming back to the quote, I like semicolons in the past, I'm happy I leave them behind. I was the imbecile that look to the finger and the wise that look to the moon at the same time.

Especially in these small details is hard to say if what your thoughts are driven by ideology or if there is an scientific-alike approach. Investigate the limits of a thought especially if you've an opinion is hard.

The only thing that I hope isn't being the imbecile that looks to the details; but rather the wise man that look to the wide picture.

So to the approach of yesterday after having a discussion that almost end up in taste arguments, I try to prove to me that the way I write code today is better than what it was yesterday.

I end up doing this: 10 line sugar See the Pen bgDisco by Mauro Mandracchia (@M3kH) on CodePen.

What you can do in 10 line of JS?