W3Schools JavaScript Certificate


I was looking for something Certified my JavaScript knowledges, so I found W3Schools certification system. Easy to do: pay (*95), find a Volunteer want do the Supervisor, and Let's Go! I found Massimiliano Scifo, friend in the life, but also Developer, I share my screen with him and I run the test. There are 70 question to answer in 70 minute so 1 minute for question, I answer and my score was 90%, I only did one and I didn't try again. It's takes 44:00 minute to finish, in easy way, we laffing a lot on the easy question and spend some time on the most tricky or hardens, but really I just find few I cannot answer with the 100% safety. After that… 95$ for a digital certified where not even go to advanced topic, and not even provide a self-hosted image, I found a bit expensive. I still miss some Advanced Topics, like: